Irvine Burns Club (est. 1826) celebrates the key role of the poet's year in Irvine (1781), offers a unique visitor experience in the Wellwood Museum, and contributes to research. 
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Admission free. The Museum is run by volunteers, so please book at least five days in advance.
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Apr.-Sept.: Wed, Fri, & Sat - 2-5pm; Oct.-Mar.: Sat 2-5pm

Wellwood Burns Centre
28 Eglinton Street, Irvine, Ayrshire, KA12 8AS

For visits, see above.
Limited access: Full disabled access available to ground floor only.

  bienvenue en français - Irvine Burns Club honore le poète Robert Burns et son séjour, court mais important, à Irvine en 1781-82. Ce Club est l’un des rares à posséder un lieu particulier avec beaucoup d’objets intéressants.
  bienvenidos en español - el Club de Burns de Irvine conmemora el poeta Robert Burns y su breve, pero significante, estancia en Irvine entre 1781-82. Este Club es uno de los pocos que cuenta con local propio y tiene en exposición muchas piezas interesantes.

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Visiting Wellwood  please book in advance (Apr-Sept: Wed, Fri, Sat: 2-5pm; Oct-Mar: Sat: 2-5 pm) - contact details above

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In 1999, Irvine Burns Club was one of the first Burns Clubs in Scotland to have an online presence - this led to Chinese Channel Europe filming the 2003 Annual Celebration for a programme shown across Europe, and to Cerys Matthews (a founding member of Catatonia) joining us in 2009. 

The 2022 redesign takes Wellwood to the world of more images and more resources, in more readily accessible formats, while expanding the information gathered over two decades.  See the Jan. 2022 launch-month testimonials ("something of an armchair museum").

Credits: Website redesign by Ian J Dickson (President 1996), with thanks to many directors, members and friends, including Jim Butler (Pres. 1993), Iain Doole (Pres. 2009), Margaret Greenlees (Pres. 2023), Robert Haswell (Pres. 1999), Derek Murdoch (Pres. 2016), Rosemary Murdoch (Pres., Irvine Lasses Burns Club 2019-21), Anne & Richard Foley (Spanish text), Charlie Gilmour (statue video), and Michel Monsigny (French text).

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"Whatever injures society at large, or an individual within it, this is my measure of iniquity."
"War I deprecate: misery & ruin to thousands."     Robert Burns, to Mrs Frances Dunlop (1789 & 1792)

2023-24 President Angus Middleton
with Vice-President Iain McPhail
and Past-President Margaret Greenlees
after taking office on Sunday 29th January

New president 2023

The wreath-laying ceremony at the Irvine Burns statue on Sunday 29th Jan., 2023, as Irvine Burns Club was joined by representatives of other Ayrshire Burns Clubs, by local schools and by local organisations

Wreath laying 2023

  • Wellwood Burns Centre & Museum
  • 28 Eglinton Street,
  • Irvine, Ayrshire, KA12 8AS

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