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map of ScotlandIrvine, Scotland, created a Royal Burgh in 1372 by Robert II, was a major West of Scotland seaport before the dredging of the Clyde. In the 18th c., it was the largest burgh in Ayrshire (1775: pop. 3000).
crest of Irvine Royal Burgh Today
, Irvine hosts part of the Scottish Maritime Museum, the HQ of North Ayrshire Council, and Ardagh (Rockware Glass). The town enjoys a vibrant community spirit (with active Burns Club, a Rotary Club and Trades Guilds incorporated in 1646), and a week-long Marymass Festival in August. Robert Burns worked here in 1781-1782. Irvine's burgh status ended in 1975 with local government reorganisation. The population of Irvine is about 22,000.
Apart from Irvine Scotland, there are other towns named Irvine.
This site also contains the story of the volunteer-led years of the Harbour Arts Centre (1965-2007), details of the town walking tour, and the 86-year history of the now-demolished St Michael's Academy (in Irvine and Kilwinning, 1921-2007).

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The Blaeu Atlas, 1654, at, comments "At the northern boundary, the Irvine, which too has a bridge of four arches, divides it from Cunningham. At the mouth of the River Irvine is positioned the burgh of Irvine with a harbour so enclosed by sandbanks and with so little depth that it can take only smaller ships."

Other towns named Irvine (perhaps after Irvine, perhaps after the Scottish family)

in California, USA - The City of Irvine (pop. 143,000) has been represented by visitors from its Chamber of Commerce to our Marymass Festival on at least two recent occasions. It is named after the family of James Irvine (d.1886), a prosperous sheep rancher. The city lies near Los Angeles, just south of Santa Ana, and slightly inland. click here for its official site

in Alberta, Canada Irvine, Alberta, is 20 miles east of Medicine Hat, on the Trans-Canada Highway, very near the border with Saskatchewan.  Its attractions include the Prairies Memories Museum. There is very little information about this small town on the Internet. click here for more

in Kentucky, USA The small town of Irvine (population 2,836) is in Estill County, 60 miles SE of the state capital Frankfort, and 120 m. S of Cincinnati, Ohio. Accommodation - 28 rooms at the Oak Tree Inn. click here for more SeekOn/Irvine

Irvinebank, Australia This small historic mining town in northern Queensland was named after Irvine in 1862 by John Moffat, a mining magnate born in Irvine, Scotland.