from "St Michael's College and Academy - A Celebration 1921-2007",
published June 2007

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Looking back into the annals through the . . .

Log books


School newspaper (SMART)

Bulletins of

(and Class Chat with final farewell)

Different days . . (from the 1961 magazine) (from p.10)
The May blossoms have come, the girls having blossomed forth in a new summer uniform. Their frocks, yellow and white striped, give a splash of colour in the classrooms, and the male element have even remarked on the improvement.

The Log Books (from p.34)

Each head teacher was obliged by law to keep a daily log book of events, staff absences, etc. Our first logbook(s) were destroyed in the 1939 fire. The three extant ones cover the years 1939-63, 1963-80 and 1980-85, though they latterly list mainly staff absences, arrivals and departures. Log books can't be made public for 50 years, but the most interesting entries are earlier.

The earliest permanent staff listed (in logbook sequence) are:
Catherine Brosnan (Asst Art from 13.4.31, PT Art 11.10.49-1971),
Edgar Bottomley (Asst Music 10 years to 28.6.43), Miss Buick (Asst Phys. Instruction to 20.3.40),
Winifred Connell (Asst English 1923-1.7.57),
Charles Cunningham (PT Classics 1939-1.12.42, “left to join the Forces”, resigned 1946),
John Devine (Asst Maths & Science to 15.11.40, “obtained leave of absence to accept a post at the Ardeer factory” making explosives for the War, resumed duty 28.8.45 – 24.3.48),
Edmund Glover (PT Maths & Science to 22.4.41, “was to report on the 25th inst. as Pilot Officer in the RAF”, resigned 5.3.46),
Anne Larkin (Asst French to 1.6.44 (died)),
Patrick J Leahy (Asst Science from 1928, PT Science from 16.12.42, Depute Head 1965-1971),
Teresa O’Halloran (PT French to 4.7.47), Margaret Scullion (Sr Eugenius, Asst Primary 1933-51, Secondary Eng./Hist./Latin 1951-71, total 38 years),

Agnes Smithwick (Asst English 7.11.21-3.7.52), Annie Josephine Thomas (Sr Mechtilde Joseph, Headmistress, 7.11.21-17.4.50; ‘Principal’ became her official title about 1946), Mary Wade (PT English 1931-1972), Mary Whiston (Asst English & Maths 15.10.34-1979 (2nd retiral) – 45 years!).

Many entries are routine (eg staff absences) but here are some of the more interesting.

1940, Sept 18th: Request to work-men demolishing the chimney of the old school that depart-ments should be warned in order to prevent accidents to pupils.
1940, Oct 4th: The erection of baffle walls around the school is practically finished.
1941, Feb 24th: The scheme of 2/- [10p] dinners began today.
1941, Mar 3rd: Today provision of a cup of tea at 1d [½p] was made; 11 pupils availed themselves of it.
1941, Mar 13th: Arrangements were made to show a film to our senior girls, in order to interest them in the ‘land army’.

1941, Mar 14th: The attendance was very good and punctual in spite of the night’s prolonged “alert” period (9.15pm – 5.55am). The siren again sounded at 8.50am . . [and] the “All clear” sounded at 9.15am.
1941, Sept 15th: The teachers gave the pupils practice in putting on their gas masks.
1942, Nov 13th: Air-raid warning practice was given.
1945, May 8th & 9th: These were V.E. Days. School was closed.
1946, Sept 27th: A representative from Cadbury’s Cocoa Firm gave sound films to the children. The picture of ‘Mickey Mouse’ was applauded with great enthusiasm, and the second picture, of an instructive nature regarding the source and manufacture of cocoa, was much appreciated.
1948, July 2nd: Miss McIntosh has taken 8 pupils of Third Year for a fortnight’s attendance at West Linton Residential School for French and Ayrshire pupils.
1966, June 6th: 31 pupils are taking part in an Educational Cruise on the ‘Nevasa’ with hundreds of other Ayrshire pupils.

I J Dickson

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A ‘Michael-cosm’ (from p.66-67)
St Michael’s in the ‘Fifties and ‘Sixties – Snippets from old School Magazines


We had good news of a projected pilgrimage to Lourdes in 1958.


The whole school turned out to the film ‘Moby Dick’. For some, the film was magnificent and thrilling, but to others it was terrifying and gruesome.

The Asian ‘flu reached us - reducing classes, staff and the content of lessons, since teachers had to slow down their pace and wait for the return of pupils.

Our patronal feast was celebrated in the usual way with Missa Recitativa in the morning and a holiday in the afternoon.


There were high hopes of a holiday when a storm blew in the windows in Form VI, but they were not fulfilled.

We celebrated the Feast of St Michael by a corporate act of worship at Mass in Irvine, and, later in the day, enjoyed the half holiday that we have now come to expect.

With the entire Catholic world, we sorrowed at the death of Pope Pius XII and rejoiced at the election to the papacy of Cardinal Roncalli - Pope John XXIII.


Mr Mullen, Principal Teacher of History died on 2nd February.

Shakespeare lovers went to see ‘Othello’ in the Citizens Theatre. A large contingent also attended ‘Hamlet’ at Jordanhill College. A group went to the Religious Exhibition in the Kelvin Hall.


A group of pupils participated in the Scottish Catholic Junior Historical Conference at Bothwell. The organisers were Father Anderson and Father Ross O.P.

The May blossoms have come out and the girls have blossomed forth in a new summer uniform. Their frocks, yellow and white, give a splash of colour in the classrooms.

June is always dominated by the Annual Sports Day – an event second only to the Olympics!


Mr McFarlane took over one hundred pupils to hear the Vienna Boys’ Choir in Glasgow.

The Cuban Missile Crisis seems to have been averted and our blood pressure has returned to normal.

During the Christmas holidays we heard, with concern, that there had been a fire in St Mary’s Church, Irvine which entailed the temporary closure of the building for repairs. From then until 31st May, all Sunday and Holiday services were held in our School Dining Hall.


The past few months have been dominated by high-pressure politics, spectacular train robberies and the Beatles!

The weather in the New Year was truly wintry with piled-up snow and glistering frost, but we gained only a meagre half-holiday.

At the end of January, Mr Speirs, P.T. teacher, left and his place was taken by Mr Hand, a former pupil.

and 1964 to 1967 . . .


Mrs Margaret McGuinness was appointed to the post of Principal Teacher of Mathematics. For the first time, we were fortunate in procuring the services of a Laboratory Technician, a former pupil, Mr Eric Cairney.


On 23rd October, a Coffee Morning proved a wonderful success. Over 600 parents and friends spent an enjoyable morning meeting old friends, chatting over coffee and wandering round our new premises.

Father Walker, our former School Convener, celebrated the Silver Jubilee of his ordination.


The ‘flu epidemic descended upon us, fortunately after the S.C.E. Estimate Examinations.

The death of Canon O’Connor, senior clerical representative on the Education Committee, brought sorrow to all his friends.

His interest in St Michael’s was sincere, and we are glad that he lived to see the new school.

At the Ayrshire Music Festival, the Junior Girls’ Choir won the Doonside Challenge Trophy for the third time in four years.

The Senior Mixed Choir visited West Berlin as guests of the Ranke Grammar School.

Sister Dominic Savio was appointed PT History, Mrs Dorothy Barkey PT Homecraft, and Mr Leo Walsh Principal Assistant with special responsibility for pupils of Three Year Courses. Miss Gertrude McGeough and Mr Tommy Henderson were appointed Special Assistants.

In October, a Fashion Parade was held in the School Assembly Hall. Garments were provided by the Ardrossan Co-operative Society and proceeds went to School Funds. Thanks are due to Mr Ballantyne and his assistants.


A Burns Supper was held at the end of January. The Debating Society, under the able guidance of Mr Mitchell, carried this through. There was haggis piped in by Mr Butler in full regalia, and every toast was proposed and answered with true decorum. The only absentee was John Barleycorn.

Dr Roy of Glasgow University gave a Cormack Bequest Lecture on Astronomy and Mr Heaton gave a talk on the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Anne Myles won the Duke of Edin-burgh Silver Award, while Eileen Reilly, Maura Taylor and Anne Milgrew gained Bronze medals.

Anne Myles was chosen as the Marymass Queen and Mary Inglis as one of the four Marys.

A Carol Service was given by the Senior Choir in the Cathedral, Ayr, on 10th December; the main contribution was the singing of ‘A Ceremony of Carols’ by Benjamin Britten.

(compiled by R A Mitchell)

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St Michael’s newspaper SMART 1973-1981 (from p. 84-85)

Mr J Kelly, PT English, launched the school newspaper in November 1973, and produced four issues before leaving for St Joseph’s in Kilmarnock.SMART was continued by Mr Dickson.

Pupils wrote up news during the week, the paper was Roneotronic-ed onto wax stencils and duplicated on Thursday afternoons, and an after-school team of about 10 pupils folded, stapled, and bundled copies, ready for distribution at Friday registration. For six months to June 1974, it appeared weekly, for 21 issues, regularly selling over 300 copies, once reaching 430.

New and departing staff and pupils were interviewed, sports matches and trips were reported, small ads appeared, and weekly puzzles and lucky numbers encouraged sales. Moreover, if a pupil’s letter raised an issue, the appropriate year head would reply.

Over the five years 1975 to 1979, with one gap, the paper appeared every two or three weeks, producing another 51 issues, the price rising to 2p, then 3p. Smart Summer Annuals appeared in June 1978 and 1979 at 20p. Mr Lucchesi edited six later issues in 1980-81. A third Annual appeared in December 1980 at 30p. A grand total of 82 issues and 3 Annuals!

Browse and enjoy pdfs of all the issues !

The first school mini-bus was a second-hand vehicle – “It has had a new engine”, Mr Connolly said, “It only needs rust removed and re-spraying.” (Jan.’74)

When dinner staff were asked if the sittings were well-behaved, the answer was “No, no, no, definitely not.” (Mar.’74)

Stephen Motroni reported on Brian Kelly and John Boothman reaching the final of the Scottish Daily Express Debating Competition. After the six teams had finished, Lord Shinwell commented that the debate was “more interesting than most of the dishwater bilge I hear at the Lords.” (Mar.’74) After the previous round, our reporter Martin McAllister had written, “John [Boothman] suffers from constipation of the brain and diarrhoea of the mouth.”

“To study biology, you must have a cast-iron stomach. Miss Collum seems to take a most morbid delight in producing dead rats, bulls’ eyes, worms, etc, for dissection.” (An anonymous VI reporter, M McCulloch, Mar.’74)

“The House system is dying. Last year there was only a token Sports Day. In S1 the spirit of rivalry was friendly and engrossing. Nowadays there is little interest in the House System.” (Letter to the Editor from a “disenchanted Vth Year”, Anthony da Prato)

On the SMART team visit to the ‘Glasgow Herald’, they saw staff making brass plates of, among others, Kenny Dalgleish, for the following day’s paper (hot metal days then, not computers). (May ’74; the team also visited STV in 1978 and the Motor Show in 1979)


“A few pupils complained that the quantity of ice-cream per cone was too small for the extortionate price of 3p!!” (Sports Day 1974)

On the school trip to Rothesay, “Sr Maura was making news in the swimming pool; she was reported to be a smashing swimmer with a fantastic figure.” (reporters M Dalton, E Harte and G Hennon)

“SMART is unfair to teachers.” – Mr Maxwell lost his prize voucher because he did not claim it in time.

“Whatever you are doing, remember that it is wonderful how much each of you can achieve if you really put your heart into it and give of your best. I hope that you will understand that, if I scolded you or corrected you, it was because I cared for you and the school to which you belonged.” (from Sr Pauline’s farewell letter)

Cartoons entitled “If we hadn’t managed to buy a new mini-bus” by Gerald Donnelly S2 in the June 1978 Smart Summer Annual


“The standard of behaviour of some of our well-known layabouts makes the job of the staff difficult and creates many problems for their fellow-pupils.” (the 1976 captains, Jim McMillan and Katy Cherry)

“Please shed some light on the non-appearance of the 2nd year exam timetable. How are we to pass our exams . ?” (letter to Editor, 1976)

Mrs Brown’s New Year Resolutions, 1977: “To keep the staffroom tidier, and to stop telling Mr McIlroy that he is thick even though he is.”

“The content of the newspaper, as these few trash-filled pages claim to be, has reached new depths of journalism . . .” (letter to the Editor from Charles Stewart, 502)

Valentine message to Mr Gill, 1977, from two anonymous admirers: “This message comes with love and joy, Thanks for belting every boy, We hope you don’t think us bold, We think you’re worth your weight in gold.”

Reports from the 1977 Autumn Fayre to raise money for a new mini-bus: “One attraction was Soak The Pupil Of Your Choice – five 3rd yr boys were in the playing fields in stocks soaked at 5p a time.” (Pauline Robertson) “Everybody left the Fayre the proud possessor of a plant or a gold-fish.” (Paul McGeown) “One senior pupil was seen carrying a large bear to Mr Westcott and then conveying a PRAM to Mr Cassidy.” (Denis Herraghty)


Most popular teacher in Oct.’77 opinion poll – Miss Lennon.

The best-dressed teacher in a 1978 opinion poll – Mrs Tannahill

What I want for Christmas, 1979 – Mr Vernon – “A Games Hall”

“When you have a packed lunch there is nowhere to sit. The girls have benches but the rest have to sit on the floor.” (Danny Moriarty, 201, in 1980)

“Mr Merrick is selling Rubik Cube solution sheets at 20p each, the proceeds going to Mrs McKinley’s Mission Fund. If your Rubik Cube is very stiff, Mr Merrick recommends WD40 lubricant.” (Sept.’81)

(compiled by I J Dickson)

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Avenues of Communication – The Bulletin (from p. 10)

Mr Peter Maxwell, former Depute of St Michael’s, started issuing regular Staff Bulletins in 1976. The Staff Bulletin later evolved into the Daily Bulletin for both staff and pupils. These early (1976-79) bulletins make interesting and, at times, amusing reading. The following extracts give a flavour of life as it was then, in the initial years of Mr McCutcheon’s tenure of office.

1st September 1976: Sister Dominic Savio and Miss Agnes Lennon took a group of pupils to Glenluce Abbey and to Whithorn Priory and Museum.
15th September 1976: Mrs Grace McKinley is organising a trip to Belgium for fifty pupils.
7th October 1976: The Mass composed by Mr Harry McFarlane will be sung in Rome at the canonisation of Blessed John Ogilvie.
11th November 1976: Congratulations to Mr Alan Mousley on his appointment as APT Guidance.
2nd December 1976: A School Magazine will be published in May/June 1977.
22nd December 1976: Miss Maisie Wade, having, in her own words, completed her education, bows out of teaching. We thank her for her service and for her last imperishable comment on her driving: ‘My examiner, God rest him!’

28th January 1977: Wrangler jackets are still being worn. Every effort should be made by all teachers to stamp this out.
9th February 1977: Father Flynn will be leaving us to go to Gretna as curate to Father McGready.
3rd March 1977: Congratulations to Mr Campbell Cassidy on being invited to join the Central Committee on English for a three year period.
21st June 1977: The guest speaker at the Prizegiving will be Mr William McCrindle, Ardrossan.
2nd September 1977: Preparations for the Autumn Fayre are proceeding. Mrs Grace McKinley’s room looks like a set from ‘Are You Being Served?’
18th January 1978: Sister Dominic Savio thanks all who contributed to the Christmas Parcel Collection for the Needy. The final total was 108 parcels.

14th February 1978: The organisers of the Lourdes Trip are Sister Dominic Savio, Mr John Walsh and Miss Helen Timmons.
28th April 1978: We are liaising with Kilwinning Academy with a view to producing a Local School Leaving Certificate.
12th May 1978: We are looking for a stout-hearted volunteer to replace Mr I Dickson in the Tuck Shop.
6th June 1978: Mr. Jim Vernon has gallantly agreed to replace Mr Dickson in the Tuck Shop.
30th October 1978: Congratulations to Mr Andrew Herbert who was married during the October break.
3rd April 1979: Congratulations to Mr Brian McNulty on his appointment as PT Guidance.
18th May 1979: Congratulations to Miss Mary Rose Martin on her appointment as APT Guidance in Queen Margaret Academy.

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The Monthly Newsletter to Parents (from p. 11-13)

Started in Sept. 1984 by Mr John Mitchell as a means of developing the school’s partnership with parents and the wider community, the Newsletter has continued for almost 23 years; Mr Eric Allan assumed responsibility for it in 1999, followed, since October 2006, by Mr Bernard McCabe.

September 1984: It has become increasingly important to develop lines of communication between school and community. A regular Newsletter is an important element in this communication structure.
October 1984: Congratulations to Mrs Anne Brown on her appointment to the post of PT Guidance.
November 1984: A Third World Lunch was held in support of the Ethiopian Famine.
January 1985: The PTA Burns Supper will be held in the Assembly Hall on Friday 1st February.
February 1985: The Pro-Life Cell supplied a layette worth £150 for twins; the mother of the twins has sent a letter of thanks.
March 1985: It is proposed to form a 300 Club to raise money for the School Fund.
June 1985: Congratulations to Mr Bernard Walsh on his appointment to the post of PT RE, and best wishes to Mr Johnny Leishman (PT Technical) who retired after 38 years of service to St Michael’s.
August 1985: There will be a Church Caring Week from 7th – 11th October.

October 1985: 70 sacks of flour, lentils, dried milk and sugar were filled for the Live Aid Appeal.
December 1985: Father Michael Lynch, the Church’s Representative on Strathclyde Education Committee, will give a talk on Catholic Education.
January 1986: Mr and Mrs McCutcheon will be lunching with HRH Princess Anne in the Trades Hall Glasgow.
March 1986: Former pupil, Father Lawrence Byrne, is working in Botswana.
June 1986: We extend our best wishes to Mr Charlie Scullion who has retired from the post of Assistant Head Teacher after 21 years at St Michael’s.
We rejoice with Sister Dominic Savio on achieving 25 years of service in St. Michael’s.
September 1986: 39 adults are currently taking classes in a range of subjects. A crèche for toddlers is now operating in the Home Economics Department.
November 1986: Former pupil, Father Peter Magee, has been requested by the Pope to train for the Diplomatic Service.
December 1986: Santa will visit our crèche on Monday 22nd December.

February 1987: Congratulations to Mr Martin Rogan on his appointment to the post of PT Modern Languages at Maxwellton Academy, Dumfries.
April 1987: We are pleased to announce the birth of a son, David, to Mrs Janice Middleton of the Business Studies Department.
June 1987: Congratulations to Mr Jim Coxhead (Biology Department), Colin Caitens, Anthony Harkins, Craig McNicoll, and Brian Holliman on winning the Ayr Academy Mini Marathon Cup.
October 1987: During the summer, Sister Dominic Savio visited Botswana to observe the projects sponsored there by St Mary’s Parish, Irvine.
February 1988: The PTA Spring Fayre will be held on Saturday 30th April.
May 1988: The Spring Fayre made a profit of £3,400. This money will go towards a new minibus.
November 1988: The school has been loaned a satellite dish. It is hoped to develop projects involving Physics, Computing and Geography.

and 1988/89 to 1991 . . .

December 1988: We bid farewell, with sincere thanks, to Miss Jean Templeton who retired after more than 23 years of devoted service as Head Cook.
February 1989: The school will be the subject of General Inspection this month and 24 HM Inspectors will visit St Michael’s.
March 1989: Congratulations to Mr Harry Merrick who has been appointed to the post of Lecturer in Maths and Computing at Craigie College.
May 1989: We took delivery of our new minibus on Friday 12th.
Sister Dominic Savio will be leaving in June after 28 years of committed service to St Michael’s Academy.
June 1989: The Classics Department Fieldwork Trip to Hadrian’s Wall and York, organised, as always, by Mr Dickson, was a most enjoyable educational experience for the 45 pupils involved.

November 1989: Our new School Board held its first meeting. Members are Mr Jim Farrell, Mrs Anne Marie McGowan, Mrs Therese Gibson, Mr Hugh Hunter and Mrs Greta Jennings. Staff members are Mr Campbell Cassidy and Mr Paul Dorrian.
January1990: Mr McCutcheon is recovering from a major operation. He will be absent for several months. We wish him a complete recovery.
April 1990: Mr Mitchell gave a talk to the School Board about the six period day which will be introduced at the start of the new timetable in June.
May 1990: Mr McCutcheon was discharged from hospital; he is making excellent progress.
June 1990: We bid farewell to Mrs Rita Paul, APT Home Economics, who has been a member of staff since 1972.
November 1990: 7th November will be the principal celebration of the Silver Jubilee of the transfer of the school to the new premises in Kilwinning.

January1991: Mass for Peace in the Gulf was celebrated in the Assembly Hall at lunchtime on 15th January. More than 200 pupils and a large number of staff attended.
March 1991: It is with regret that we record the death of Mr P J Leahy, former Depute Head.
April 1991: Congratulations to Mr John Walsh, appointed to the post of Principal Teacher of Computing at St Andrew’s Academy.
We learned, with sadness, of the death of former member of staff, Sister Maura O’Grady, in a road accident in Buenos Aires.
September 1991: Congratulations to our janitors, Mr Pat McCafferty, Mr Tommy Thomson and Mr Harry Johnstone, on receiving a Highly Commended in British Coal’s Caretaker of the Year Competition.
October 1991: Mrs Merrick has issued the Silver Jubilee Commemorative Magazine Financial Statement. Thanks are due to the Staff Committee who worked so hard to bring this project to fruition: Mrs Merrick, Mrs Buchert, Mrs Dorrian, Mrs Mitchell, Mr Dickson, Mr J Walsh and Mr Aitken.

and 1991/92 to 1994 . . .

November 1991: Mr Dickson, PT Classics, took 66 pupils to the ‘Faces of Rome’ Exhibition.
January 1992: The Pro-Life Cell will launch a Three Day Awareness Campaign entitled ‘Love and Let Live’ on 10th February.
April 1992: Congratulations to Mrs Anne McMahon who has been appointed to the post of Principal Teacher of Maths, at Queen Margaret Academy, Ayr.
May 1992: Best wishes to Mrs Marion Quinn who recently retired from the School Office, after 18 years of service to the school.
June 1992: Best wishes to the following early retirees: Mrs Anna Adamson (PT Music) and Mr Jim Vernon (PT PE). Congratulations to Miss Frances Murphy who has been appointed to the post of PT Social Subjects at St Conval’s Academy, Cumnock and to Mrs Christine McGuire who has been appointed PT English at Irvine Royal Academy. Congratulations also to Mr Michael Doherty and to Mr Liam Hornby on their respective appointments as APT Maths and PT PE in the school.

November 1992: The school community has been saddened by the sudden death in Dubai of Mr Brian Garvie, formerly of the Maths. Department.
December 1992: Congratulations to Mr Paul Dorrian on his appointment as APT Geography at St Joseph’s Kilmarnock.
New stage curtains for the Assembly Hall have been purchased from the proceeds of the 300 Club.
March 1993: St Michael’s took part in the West of Scotland Latin Speaking Competition on Saturday 6th March. This was organised by Mr Ian Dickson.
April 1993: Congratulations to Mr Jim Aitken, Mrs Angela Lunardi and Mrs Angela O’Neill who have been appointed to the post of Senior Teacher.
May 1993: Congratulations to Mrs Margaret Merrick on her appointment to the position of APT Maths in St Joseph’s Academy, Kilmarnock.
August 1993: Congratulations to Mrs Eleanor McKie (Geog.) on the birth of her daughter, Aileen.

October 1993: Identical twins, Michael and Andrew Corrigan, are the first of the session’s S1 intake to gain the Book Trail Gold Award.
December 1993: Mr McCutcheon has announced to staff that he will retire from the post of Head Teacher in March 1994.
January 1994: It is with sadness that we record the deaths of two well-loved former members of staff – Mrs Margaret McGuinness (PT Maths) and Miss Maisie Wade (PT English).
March 1994: Congratulations to Mr Jim Coxhead on his appointment to the post of Senior Teacher.
April 1994: Mr McCutcheon’s Retiral Presentation took place in the Towans Hotel, Prestwick on 18th April. 140 people were present to honour him.
May 1994: Mr Eric Allan will commence his duties as Head Teacher of St Michael’s on 6th June.
The joint Retiral Function for Sister Bernadette Doyle and Mr Tom Nellany will be held in the Seamill Hydro on 6th September.

The perusal of these Newsletters has been most interesting. Only a very small part of the life of the school has been recorded in these extracts. However, the overwhelming impression is of a community striving to be Christian; this is exemplified by the many thousands of pounds raised for a very wide range of charities. (R.A.M.)

Class Chat / School Notes in the local press

This is another means of communicating with the wider community. Class Chat appears weekly in the local newspapers. Since 1990, Mrs Rose Ann Mitchell has been the Press Officer for St Michael’s and has submitted items of interest to the Irvine Times, the Irvine Herald and the Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald faithfully every week.

Postscript - extracts from the final St Michael's Academy news in the School Notes section of the 'Irvine Herald' on 19th Ocober, 2007

This is the final Class Chat from the St Matthew's Academy Kilwinning Campus, or what was formerly known as St Michael's Academy.

Mr McCabe, acting head teacher, congratulates the pupils who participated in the XScape trip on their outstanding behaviour throughout the day. Thanks to Miss McFadden and Mr Semple for their outstanding organisation of this event.

Mr McCabe also thanks the Commemorative Events Committee - Mr P Carmichael, Mr P Semple, Miss B McFadden, Mrs M Morrow, Mrs J Buchert, Mrs F O'Neill, Mrs RA Mitchell, Mrs A Brown, Mrs J Hemming, Mrs A Shiells, Mr R Johnston, Mr P Blair, Mrs H McTurk, Mr I Dickson, and Mrs M McArthur, along with Mrs W Dorrian and Miss A McNicol, who collectively and individually organised the closing events - the staff dinner, the XScape trip, the ceilidh, the photographic exhibition, the closing mass, and the publication of the commemorative book.

Mr McCabe said that each event was a testament to the high quality of leadership, organisational ability and capacity for hard work of the staff which helped to ake Str Michael's the fine school it was. Thanks must go to Mr Mccabe himself for chairing the Commemorative Committee.

Best wishes to our computer technician, Mr Thomas Hume, who left on October 5th. Best wishes to three who will be retiring from teaching at the end of October: Mrs Marion Tomlinson, modern languages deptartment, who joined the staff in 1990, Mr Tom Malkin, PT Physics, who took up his post in 1982, and Mrs R A Mitchell, PT English, who has had two periods of teaching in St Michael's 1970-74 and 1984-2007.

So now - a final farewell to all our readers and to all friends of St Michael's.

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