from "St Michael's College and Academy - A Celebration 1921-2007",
published June 2007

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Nine Feature Articles
specially written by past pupils and staff

JOTTINGS by SISTER BRIAN, C.P. (from p.28)
Missions as a Papal Diplomat by Monsignor Peter Magee (from p.32-33)
“They lifted my horizons” by Fr Graeme F Bell (from p. 37)
The Chief Invigilator’s Story by Peter Reilly (from p. 39)
The pupils were all wonderful by Sister Bernadette (from p. 43)
Home from Home
by Bernadette Ridley
(from p. 56)
“I’d love to make a documentary” by Michael Hughes (from p.60-61) (2008: Big Brother)
Temps Perdu? – “St Michael’s made me feel special” by Fr Stephen Motroni (from p.72-73)
In the 1930s
by Mrs Fraser
(from p.95)
plus: Our Oldest Former Pupil?

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