from "St Michael's College and Academy - A Celebration 1921-2007",
published June 2007

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An (almost) everything else page
The other pages of this web site contain over 90% of the book's contents. This page is a way of including some of the few other items. Below you will find the list of school captains and dux medallists from 1966 to 2007, and most of the remaining photos.

Year - Boys’ Captain - Girls’ Captain - Dux Medallist(s)
1966 - BC
John McFarlane GC Marysia Kolodziej DM Helen Duffin
1967 - BC Samuel Martin GC Mary Boyle DM Patrida Kelly
1968 - BC Francis O'Neil GC Patricia Kelly DM Matthew Mcfarlane
1969 - BC Francis Callaghan GC Marie Clark DM Michael Dolan
1970 - BC John Duffin GC Mary J Taylor DM Elizabeth Conlan
1971 - BC James Welsh GC Moira Kernahan DM Mary McCourt
1972 - BC James Fitzpatrick GC Elizabeth Breslin DMs Eileen McNairney, Paul Clark, Colin Moultrie
1973 - BC Robert Valerio GC Theresa Mclaughlin DM Brian Dolan
1974 - BC Paul Dorrian GC Barbara Boyd DM Sarah Donohoe
1975 - BC Michael Donnelly GC Barbara McGrath DM Peter Magee
1976 - BC Joseph Clancy GC Margaret Blake DM Lesley Paul
1977 - BC James McMillan GC Catherine Cherry DM Charles T Stewart
1978 - BC Michael Dillon GC June Hughes DM Janice O'Connell
1979 - BC Edward McCaffrey GC Kathleen McAulay DM Marian P Kolodziej
1980 - BC GC Maria O'Donoghue DMs Maria Sfarra, Brian Teaz
1981 - BC Michael Keenan GC Elaine Maxwell DM Paul McGeown
1982 - BC James Boyle GC Anne McMillan DM Richard Paul
1983 - BC Brian Littlemore GC Andrea Costanzo DM John Booth
1984 - BC Brian Higgins GC Karen Docherty DM Margaret A Neison
1985 - BC Felix McGunnigle GC Dawn King DM Colin McVey
1986 - BC Alan Taylor GC Yvonne McGunnigle DM Julie Meikle
1987 - BC Alan Burt GC Frances Loy DM Anthony Pascual
1988 - BC John Hughes GC Lauren Macary DM Steven Hunter
1989 - BC Brian Holliman GC Claire Wilson DMs Hazel Meikle, Mark Pentleton
1990 - BC Paul Canning GC Bernadette McFadden DM Thomas Greenan
1991 - BC Graeme Bell GC Lizanne Hume DM Kathryn Graham
1992 - BC Ronald McIntyre GC Marie Anne McGrattan DM Christopher Laurins
1993 - BC David Hough GC Kerry Mallon DM Matthew Lehane
1994 - BC Phillip McGarvey GC Ann Marie Murray DM Lorna Tutty
1995 - BC Gordon Stevenson GC Simone Lucas DM Elaine Johnston
1996 - BC Kevin Campagna GC Claire Sweeney DM Colin Gormley
1997 - BC Richard Taylor GC Katie Taylor DMs Jane Butler, Ann Gemmell, Sarah Hanlon
1998 - BC Paul Breslin GC Emma McKee DMs Heather McKay, Christopher Wilson
1999 - BC Phillip Malloy GC Angela Glass DM Rhona Gormley
2000 - BC Graham Allison GC Claire Dorrian DM Claire Dorrian
2001 - BC Neil Samson GC Lauren Guazzelli DMs Stephen Cowan, Lauren Guazzelli
2002 - BC Daniel Kane GC Michelle Rainey DM Daniel Kane
2003 - BC Paul Marshall GC Natalie Flack DM Donna Lavery
2004 - BC Neil Henning GC Roisin McGale DMs Phillipa Cheron, Sinead King
2005 - BC Martin Braniff GC Sarah Kearns DMs Martin Braniff, Sarah Kearns, Kierean Reid, Lewis Thomson
2006 - BC Kevin Morgan GC Rachel Egan DM Rachel Egan
2007 - - DMs Jennifer Allan, Rory Tait

Some photos which have not appeared on other pages

St Michael’s have consistently supported SCIAF. This happy group of fund-raisers is in the Head Teacher’s office in 2001, with Mrs Convery, Mr Mitchell and Miss McFadden.

Louise Cullinane and Kevin Murphy, 2006 joint winners of the Kilmarnock College Cup, held here by Louise, awarded for Service to the School Community.

Kevin is holding the James B Love Memorial Trophy, which he and Louise won for highest marks in youth acting with their performance of “Computer Pals” at the 2006 SCDA Drama Festival in the Palace Theatre.

Tea at 10 Downing Street with Mrs Blair for Laura McMenemy (201), with Brian Donohoe, MP, and two other North Ayrshire pupils, in November 2000

Our two janitors as the school closes: Mr Tommy Thompson & Mr Danny Duffy

Fr Jim Hayes (pupil 1979-85), the Parish priest for St Mary's and St Brendan's Saltcoats at present. Chaplain to St Michael’s, he will be chaplain to St Matthew’s Academy.

Cycling – winners of National Cycling Proficiency certificates in 1961, and ready for the road, in front of one of the huts of the Irvine school, are: M Cain, M Ferguson, I Diamond, M Lawless, J Donnelly, H McRoberts, T McDonald, E Hall, J Martin, J Muir, L Clarke and J Cunningham, accompanied by Mr J McCutcheon

5th Year in 1954 – photo loaned by Isabel Garrett (nee Platts) of Saltcoats

The photo shows (but not in this sequence) Isabel E Platts, Mary Theresa Duffy, Agnes Aitken, Janet Brown, Anne McCann, Pat McKivett, Margaret Craig, Anne McFarlane, Celine Hendren, Mary B Lyons, Rose Marie Clark, Mary Kane, Margaret Marshall, Jo Robertson, Theresa McCloskey, Catherine McIlanney, Maureen B V Mulhearn, Mae Murray, Frances McGinty, Betty Sherry, Patsy Mackie, Margaret McNaughton, Betty Brodie, Anita Reid, and Margaret Davey, with Sister Paul Mary

The janitors in 1977 – Charlie Gray and Walter McLaughlin

The secretaries in 1977 – Joan McCutcheon and Doreen Higgins

A staff group in 1966/67 – Sister Dominic Savio (PT History), Miss D Higgins (Secretary), Sister Pauline (Headteacher), Mrs D Barkey (PT Home Economics), Mr J Leishman (PT Technical), Mr P McManus (Eng. & PT Guidance), Mr V Campbell (Art), Mrs M McGuinness (PT Maths), Mr J McKinley (Science) and Miss Whiston (Maths)

A similar group 40 years later: Mrs M T Hughes (Secretary), Mrs R A Mitchell (PT English), Mrs A Lunardi (History), Mrs G Buchert (Modern Languages), Mr B McCabe (Acting Head Teacher), Miss M O’Donnell (Acting PT R.E.), Mr R Sheerins (Craft & Design), Mrs H McTurk (Maths) and Miss B McFadden (Acting PT Maths)

The last prefects (2006-07) (photograph copyright of Irvine Herald / Steve McKendrick)
Back row: Kellie-Marie Sheerin, Shaun Backman, James McGoldrick, Caroline Davie, Lauren McDermott, Christopher Sutherland, Katie Russell, Ashleigh McTaggart, Claire Steele, Louise McGinness, Louise Burns, Kathryn Duffy
Second back row: Lesley Ann Hendren, Nicola Carden, Peter Hume, Martyn Palmer, Kimberly Allison, Francoise Browne, Lauren Tait
Second front row: Ryan Ferrier, June Henderson, Sarah Hoy, Dione Reid, Siobhan King
Front row: Girls’ Vice-Captain Claire Murphy, Boys’ Captain Kevin Morgan, Boys’ Vice-Captain Marc Rowan, Girls’ Captain Rachel Egan

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