The Rotary Club of Irvine Seagate


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(3 mths ea.)

Jim Fairgrieve
Sandy Niven
Hugh Hutchison
Eric Greig

Honorary Members

Janis Carson, Roddie Fraser, Raymond Fitzgerald, Andy Howat, Andy Lynn, Donald Menzies, Michel Pioux, Jimmy Walker

Also . . .

In November, the Club did what it could in the circumstances to assist Poppy Scotland.

Seagate Rotary began its year on 1st July with a presentation of £750, from funds raised at the Sportsman's Dinner in February, to the Crosshouse Children's Fund - here being presented to William McGowan of the Fund, by President Jim Fairgrieve, on his first day of office, and Alex McConnell, organiser of the Sportsmen's Dinner.

The Club was poised to organise, in July 2020, a revival of the Dragon Boat Challenge as part of the 'Making Waves Festival', North Ayrshire contribution to the Scottish Government's Year of Coasts and Waters. However, as teams were starting to confirm, in February/March 2020, the impact of the Covid epidemic caused its postponement, and possible cancellation.

Fullarton Hub made a sustained effort over many, many months to help local families who found it difficult to manage during the epidemic, their Hub becoming a busy centre of food preparation, under the leadership of Donna Fitzpatrick. Seagate Rotary assisted with a donation from our funds, here being presented by Jim Fairgrieve to Donna Fitzpatrick. Half (£400) was raised by Seagate in April, and Rotary District (the West of Scotland) matched the figure from its Disaster Relief Fund, enabling a donation of £800. The Fullarton Hub worked hard providing up to 150 meals a day to local residents during the virus crisis.

In September, the Club continued to support saxophonist Emily Irvine by contributing to her hair-chopping fund-raising in aid of Motor Neurone Disease Scotland.