The Rotary Club of Irvine Seagate


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Ian Dickson

Honorary Members
at 24 April 2017 (AGM) (13)

Bobby Campbell, Janis Carson, George Donaldson, Hugh Drennan, Roddie Fraser, Raymond Fitzgerald, Andy Howat, Bill Lymburn, Andy Lynn, Donald Menzies, Bill Nolan, Michel Pioux, Jimmy Walker

Paul Harris Fellows (12) at 2 June 2017:
Jim Anderson (MPHF), Jim Fairgrieve (MPHF), Andy Slater (MPHF), Franco Calistri, Ian Dickson, Andy Howat, Fiona Lee, Walter Lyall, Bill Lymburn, Andy Lynn, Donald Menzies, Sandy Niven

Also . . .

Members at 2 June 2017 (20):
Jim Anderson, John Brown, Franco Calistri, David Cousar, Billy Dickson, Ian Dickson, Jim Fairgrieve, Eric Greig, Hugh Hutchison, Raymond Jamieson, Fiona Lee, Pamela Lodge, Alec McConnell, Robert McMillan, Adam Moonie, Dan Moriarty, Allan Morrison, Sandy Niven, Andy Slater, Adrian Stevely

Items for this page are awaited. They will include:

Visit to France
Hybrid Stoves Malawi

During this year, two club members served at District level:
Andy Slater,
Fiona Lee, Assistant Governor