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During this year, three club members served at District level:
Andy Slater, District Secretary
Ian Dickson, District International Service Chairman
and Fiona Lee, member of District Foundation Committee

The Marymass hot dog stall again supported both the Festival and Rotary charities.

In June 2018, Ian & Louise took their 26-y-o motorhome on the Rotary Grand Tour organised by RI President Denis Spiller to bring the Polio campaign to the attention of the public. During the Tour week, they visited twelve Districts from Scotland and northern England, from St Andrews to Coventry, and Llandudno to Harrogate, and also raised some sponsorship before and during the trip.

Taking Seagate Rotary to Glasgow (DG Gary Louttit on left), to Llandudno (President & members) and to Halifax RIBI President Denis Spiller at the only motorhome in the Tour)

Rotarians from Orleans Beauce-Sologne visited in early June, highlights being the visits to Dumfries House and the day trip to Arran. Michel Pioux was enrolled as an Honorary Member of the Club, in recognition of his role in establishing and continuing the jumelage.

Rotary parcels were again prepared for Christmas distribution, packing being held, following tradition, in Jim F.'s garage (with doors open - fuel for personal internal heat combustion was supplied in the house afterwards).

A Shanghai Supper was held in October chez Ian & Louise Dickson.