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Adam Moonie


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Although the 3rd Dragon Boat Challenge was organised this year by Irvine Water Sports Club, Seagate Rotary ably assisted again on the day. This year there were 13 teams participating, and the winners were 'Zingy's Paddlers' - a team from EDF Energy at Hunterston 'B'.

The party visiting Orleans in May 2016 comprised Jim & Wilma Fairgrieve (hosts: Michel et Hélène Pioux), John & Marele Brown (hosts: Chantal et François Gonnet), Fiona Lee & David Wordsworth (hosts: Philippe et Caroline Baguenault de Puchesse), Adam Moonie (hosts: Philippe et Caroline Baguenault de Puchesse), Dan Moriarty (hosts: Pierre et Sophie Thibaud) and Ian & Louise Dickson (host: Michel Monsigny). The itinerary included two nights in Beaune, and visits to Fontainebleau and Chenonceau. The first photo is dark, being a tasting in a wine cellar!