The Rotary Club of Irvine Seagate


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Fiona Lee

Fiona Lee

Honorary Members
at 2 June 2013

Jack Campbell, George Donaldson, Bill Lymburn, Bill Nolan, Michel Pioux, Jimmy Walker

Paul Harris Fellows (11) at 2 June 2013:
Jim Fairgrieve (Sapphire), Andy Slater (Sapphire), Jim Anderson, Franco Calistri, Ian Dickson, Andy Howat, Walter Lyall, Bill Lymburn, Andy Lynn, Donald Menzies, Sandy Niven

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On the Fourth Port Festival Saturday in August, the Club again ran the Dragon Boat Challenge, with 15 teams participating, the winners being North Ayrshire Police, their award being presented by Provost Pat McPhee.

The Safari Supper took place in November, culminating in the usual party, this year chez Ian and Louise.