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Wallace Wilson

Two new members were inducted in April - Geraldine O'Donnell, and Ian Dickson, now the compiler of these annals. By the end of summer 2003, Lorna Sharples and Fiona Lee had boosted the distaff section of the club.

Walter Lyall was recognised as a Paul Harris Fellow in June 2002.

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The annalist has so far not seen a programme for the 2001 Sportsmen's Dinner - perhaps for some reason it became a rare collector's item? From either 2001 or 2002 Seagate decided to use our own persuasive members rather than guest professional auctioneers - one of the most persuasive of our own auctioneers is Rtn Jim Anderson.

Irvine Royal won the local Youthspeaks heat, competing against Marr College and Arran High School.

The largest donation from charity funds this year was to assist the Jubilee Party, in June 2002, organised for the members of the Redburn Special Needs Youth Group. This event enjoyed food, entertainment and even sunshine. Opened by MP Brian Donohoe, it included Dreghorn & Irvine Brass Band, magician Douglas Cameron and the club's resident DJs, the one and only McBurnie clan. Rtn Rev. Robert, in bright orange waistcoat, supervised the Bouncy Castle. The buffet was provided by the Redburn Hotel and served by its staff. Rtn Andy S. and his committee coordinated arrangements.

An Aquabox donation of £1,100 was a close second - Fencedyke Primary School presented the club with seven filled Aquaboxes, the number becoming 15 by May - other schools were also involved, and Rtn John Hunter coordinated the effort. In June, Seagate presented its annual Community Service Award to Cynthia Sim, Head Teacher of Fencedyke PS, on behalf of the school.

In total the Club raised £7K, half of which resulted from the Sportsmen's Dinner. In August, Seagate held a Car Boot Sale and Jumble Sale at the Redburn Hotel. In March, a Race Night raised £600.

The Burns Supper of January 2002 enjoyed an Immortal Memory proposed by Irvine Burns Club Vice-President Willie McPike and a Toast to the Lasses by snooker referee Hugh Brown, replied to by Margaret Cook, President of Irvine Lasses Burns Club - she "summed up many of the characters of Seagate astutely and with no fear. As she had taught some of them, it was the members who showed some anxiety waiting for their turn in the spotlight for disclosures of their days of wrinkled socks and short trousers". Readings were contributed by Gordon Hennessy and unaccompanied singing by Linda Robertson.

The Weekend Away took a party of nearly 40 members and families to Dublin in February. "The Scottish economy also saw a boost, as the cost of airport parking was twice the cost of the flights." The April sunshine was clearly warmer than the year of this compilation (2013), as we reported via the press that "the minister's solar panel was certainly showing the effects of injudicious exposure, apparently whilst planting his King Edwards". The Pensioners' Bus trip visited Edinburgh, in a convoy of four coaches.