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Bill Black

Honorary Member

George Donaldson was made an Honorary Member in recognition of his efforts and contribution towards chartering Irvine Seagete

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Seagate Rotarians who have joined an exchange visit

Jim Anderson, Bill Black, Franco Calistri, Bobby Campbell, Ian Dickson, Jim Fairgrieve, Raymond Fitzgerald, Andy Howat, Hugh Hutchison, Fiona Lee, Adam Moonie, Dan Moriarty, Sandy Niven, Lorna Sharples, Andy Slater, Donald Watson, Wallace Wilson

Orléans Rotarians who have joined an exchange visit:
Philippe Baguenault de Puchesse, Yves Billon-Grand, Pierre Bonnaire, Paul Brun, Pierre Catoire, Philippe Dal Molin, Christophe Demorgny, Christophe Dupont, Georges Gallais-Hamonno, Michel Galmot, Pascal Gondolf, Francois Gonnet, Claude Joly, Francis L'Heure, Michel Pioux, Alain Pleau, Jean Claude Rabasse, Jean Francois Sellier, Bernard Taillemite

Youth Exchange: The club sponsored Brendan Moriarty to attend a Youth Camp in the UK in 1994.

New members in this Rotary year included Rev Jack Campbell of St Andrews Church and Bill Lymburn of Eglinton Caravans

The link with the Rotary Club of Orléans Beauce Sologne (D1720; chartered 1984) was initiated in 1992 by Presidents Jim Fairgrieve and Michel Pioux, both keen golfers. The July 1993 date of the first visit makes this an appropriate page to document the ELEVEN visits to date. Visits are biennial, alternating between France and Scotland, though the 2005 meeting was a (so far) unique international meeting of Rotarians from both the clubs twinned with Orléans Beauce Sologne - Irvine Seagate and San Pedro Alcantara - in Dublin.

Visitors from Orleans, France1993 (July) - Michel Pioux (1992-93 President of Orléans Beauce Sologne) brought nine Orléans Rotarians (making, with spouses, a group of 13, incl. their Pres. Bernard Taillemite) to Irvine, thus initiating the formal twinning between the clubs.
1995 - five Seagate Rotarians (a group of 10) stayed at Orléans.
1997 - four Orléans Rotarians (but no spouses) stayed at Irvine.
1999 (Easter) - five Seagate Rotarians (a group of 10) stayed at Orléans.
2001 (June) - five Orléans Rotarians (a group of 9) stayed at Irvine.
2003 (May) - four Seagate Rotarians (a group of 6) stayed at Orléans.
2005 (Apr.) - eight Seagate Rotarians joined four Orléans Rotarians and several Spanish Rotarians for a three-nation weekend in Dublin (a gathering of 33).
2006 (June) - seven Orléans Rotarians (a group of 13) stayed at Ullapool and Irvine.
2008 (May) - ten Seagate Rotarians (a group of 20) stayed at Mosnes (nr Amboise) and Orléans.
2010 (May) - six Orléans Rotarians (a group of 12) stayed at Peebles and Irvine.
2012 (May) - five Seagate Rotarians (a group of 9) stayed at Saumur and Orléans.
french visit top table French on golf course
The first visit: Pres. Bill Black, Pres. Bernard Taillemite, Jim Fairgrieve and Michel Pioux at the top table, and Michel, Willie Carson and Raymond on the golf course.

The Club's thanks for such a long and successful series of exchange visits are due to Seagate Rtn Jim Fairgrieve and Orléans Beauce Sologne Rtn Michel Pioux.

Arlene Finnie and Laura Slater In Marymass 1993, Arlene Finnie and Laura Slater starred on the trap entered by the two Rotary Clubs of Irvine.

Christmas Hampers (aka Cans for Grans) started in 1993 when 60 were distributed.

The first Pensioners Bus Trip was in 1994 to Stranraer with 180 pensioners in four coaches. Inspiration to organise this venture arose directly from participation in the daytime club's train trip described under the previous year.

The Burns Supper featured Bill Cowan, a Past President of Irvine Burns Club, proposing the Immortal Memory, David Cunningham proposing the Toast to the Lasses, and Ria Dick replying.

Seagate golfers won the Rotary Golf League - the team comprising Ian Lamb, Jim Fairgrieve, Raymond Fitzgerald, and Jim Anderson.

1994 YouthspeaksThe 1994 Rotary Speaks (now 'Youthspeaks') competition local heat was won by the Irvine Royal Academy team of Debbie Flannigan, Deborah Hendren and Naiomi Forsyth, with a talk on the subject of sexism. Also taking part were teams from Marr College, Kilwinning Academy, St Michael's Academy and Greenwood Academy (the youngest team, placed second, trained by librarian Anne Teaz).

In September, John Woods in the 'Irvine Herald' reported on a story in the 'Daily Record' with a photo of Rtn Bobby Campbell, beside the story of a Bobby Campbell being struck by a bullet in London - fortunately the target was not our Bobby "Black" Campbell, but his former team-mate, Bobby "Red" Campbell. Fellow-Rtns Wilson and Willie, at the next meeting, produced a poster offering a huge reward for the capture of the mystery gunman - £1.50.

A happy groupA happy photo with Jim A, Liz, Jim F, <?>, Bill, Wilma, <?> and Mairead.