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Jim Fairgrieve

President Jim

Our genealogy

Great-grandmother club
chartered March 1912

Grandmother club
chartered 1927

Mother club
chartered 1956

Sister club
chartered 1975

Irvine Seagate
chartered 2 June 1992

Daughter club
Isle of Arran
chartered 1996

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The 30 founder members:
Robin Alexander, Jim Anderson, Hugh Barr, Bill Black, Sandy Brown, Franco Calistri, Bobby Campbell, Frank Campbell, Bill Carson, Edmund Dawson, Jim Fairgrieve, Andy Howat, Douglas Hutchison, Trevor James, Sandy King, Ian Lamb, Thomas Lindsay, Bill Lothian, Andy Lynn, Dan Moriarty, Allan Morrison, David McClure, Bill Nolan, Roger Penfound, Andy Slater, Wilson Smith, Adrian Stevely, James Walker, John Westland, and Wallace Wilson.

During his year in office, President Jim was contacted by President Michel Pioux of the Rotary Club of Orléans Beauce Sologne regarding a golfing holiday to Scotland. This led to the first visit, in the month immediately after their terms of office, and to many more enjoyable exchange visits, listed on the following page.

The Rotary Club of Irvine Seagate - number 1778

The 1992 Rotary International theme was bright and happy - and represents the best of Club history since - "Real Happiness is Helping Others".

The Inaugural Meeting of the Interim Rotary Club of Irvine Seagate was held in the Golf Hotel on Monday 18th May 1992, chaired by DG Douglas Graham. The Charter is dated 2nd June 1992.

Jim & Jim with DG  DouglasRonnie & Jim F

The programme, printed by founder member Allan Morrison at Fasprint, records:
Grace - Bill Black
TOAST: the Queen - The Chairman
Roll Call of Clubs Represented - George Donaldson, PP, RC Irvine
Introduction of Founder Members - Robert McClure, PDG and District Extension Officer
Address - Douglas Graham, DG
Inaugural Resolutions - proposer Bobby Campbell, seconder Douglas Hutchison
Announcement of Formation of Interim Rotary Club of Irvine Seagate - Douglas Graham, DG
Election of Club Officers - proposer David McClure, seconder Dan Moriarty
TOAST: The Interim Rotary Club of Irvine Seagate - Ronnie Young, President, RC Irvine
REPLY - Jim Fairgrieve, Founder President of the Interim Rotary Club of Irvine Seagate
Greetings from other Clubs - Jim Anderson
Tributes from visiting Rotarians
Vote of Thanks - James McDonald, President, RC Kilmarnock
TOAST: "Rotary International" - The Chairman
(Though not in the above photos, Alex Lumsden wore the RC Irvine chain at the Inaugural Meeting, probably as he would be president during the first full year of RC Irvine Seagate; at the Charter Dinner, he wore his VP medal; confusing!)

The Charter Dinner, also chaired by DG Douglas Graham, was held on Friday 26th June in the Redburn Hotel. We are sure that the occasion must have been happier than these serious faces suggest.
Charter Dinner President Jim
Grace - Ronnie Young, President, RC Irvine
TOAST: the Queen - The Chairman
Roll Call of Clubs - T Davies Brock, District Secretary
The Object of Rotary - George M Donaldson, Past President, RC Irvine
Introduction of Charter Members - Robert McClure, PDG and District Extension Officer
Presentation of Charter - Douglas Graham, DG
Presentation of Presidential Chain - John Paton, Regional Manager, Royal Bank of Scotland, plc
Welcome into Rotary - Neville Hackett, President, RIBI
(The event was also attended by RIBI Extension Chairman Paul Ungar from London)
TOAST: The Rotary Club of Irvine Seagate - Alex Lumsden, President Elect, RC Irvine
REPLY - Jim Fairgrieve, President, Rotary Club of Irvine Seagate
Presentation of Rotary Lectern and Gavel - Ronnie Young, President, RC Irvine
Presentation of Rotary Bell - James McDonald, President, RC Kilmarnock
Presentation of Visitors Book - Frank Lehane, RC Kilwinning
Greetings from other Clubs - Jim Anderson, Secretary, RC Irvine Seagate
Vote of Thanks - Wilf Marriott, District Governor Nominee
TOAST: "Rotary International" - The Chairman

The founder members

1992 Hot Dog StallThe Marymass Hot Dog Stall, in front of the Golf Hotel, started in the club's very first year, 1992. Since then, there have been two main changes - the dropping of the associated bottle stall when the local authority clamped down on the drinking free-for-all (farewell, Buckie) and the move to Rtn Franco's gateway when the Golf Hotel closed down.

No surprise in Ayrshire . . that the Club had its first Burns Night in its first January (1993). The Immortal Memory was proposed by Jim Wales, a Past President of Irvine Burns Club, and readings were given by Rhona Barr. Bill Rotherham proposed the Toast to the Lassies, with a Reply from Madge Smith, wife of Burns Club curator David Smith.

Some Seagate members joined RC Irvine's first Pensioners Outing, in spring 1993, by train to Oban - memorable for the two special guards on board - Rtns Bill2 one might say. Rtn Bill Nolan had obtained smart (new!) guard uniforms for the day, from a Division Head in Scotrail, for himself and Rtn Bill Carson. Their confident and cheery bearing - all that one would wish from rail staff - left many of our pensioners believing they were on the staff payroll. And, when the trolley girl came down the train, she was a little surprised and asked "What division are you two with?" One of our two: "Entertainment and Customer Relations". She: "How do you get a job there?" Our two: "It's a new Division - fancy joining us? Can you sing or dance?" She started to demonstrate she could! An audition on the train! Our two suggested she write in to apply. Her last words: "You'll put in a word for me?" The outcome is not known, but Bill N. did meet her on a train journey some time after, and got the impression she was wondering why she hadn't had a reply. Our two managed, at Oban, to give the shunters a row for not moving the train soon enough. They were also approached there by travellers asking for train information. They did NOT go on to apply for a job on the trains. One Rotarian spouse was almost left behind - though all were told not to leave the ferry, she stepped off to be on Mull for a moment, and the ferry prepared to move off - luckily for George, Margaret was not left on Mull.

Members in the Golf Hotel.
Members at the Golf Hotel