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4 star logo28 Eglinton Street, Irvine, KA12 8AS ::: Admission free
Opening hours: Apr-Sept: Wed, Fri, Sat: 2.00-5.00 Oct-Mar: Sat 2.00-5.00

Parking: off East Rd (alley to Eglinton St. beside SNP office),
or just at start of Quarry Road, parking next to bowling green.
Buses through Irvine stop at 'Wellwood' (ask for 'Eglinton St.').

Email: honsecy@irvineburnsclub.org or leave voicemail on 01294 274511

Book Fair 2019 

Enjoy the Virtual visit, courtesy of North Ayrshire Council

Holding the 2020 Burns DiaryThe Burns Diary 2020, featuring Burns' time in Irvine, at the special price of £5, in navy or burgundy - is available at 'Wellwood' or from the Support page.

The Robert Burns pocket diary for 2020 focuses on Burns' stay in Irvine when he met two Irvine men who significantly changed the life of the young Ayrshire farmer. He came to Irvine as an Apprentice Flax-Dresser and left the following year as an Apprentice Poet.

William Templeton, a local bookseller, introduced Burns to the poetry in Scots of Robert Fergusson, and Richard Brown, a local sailor, encouraged Burns to have his poems published. Together, these two Irvine men changed the poet's life . The Burns in Irvine diary for 2020 tells the story of what happened!


2020: Jan.24th Annual Celebration tickets available from Support page at £30
+ £1 donation (to cover Paypal charge)



In Irvine, Capt. Richard Brown encouraged Robert Burns to publish his work, and bookseller William Templeton welcomed him in his shop, and, in this chair, in the back shop. Burns, while working at flax dressing, found Irvine a 'wonderfully educative place' (Carswell)

Other photos appear on our News page.

Office-bearers 2019<-- Past President Annie Small,
2019-20 President Archie Chalmers
and Vice-President David Burns.

A few website pages
Newest honorary members,
the Schools page,
'Burns and Irvine' by Rev Henry Ranken,
William Templeton's bookshop and chair,
extra information on our 1834 & 1846 President Capt Charles Gray,
and a support page offering postcards, subscriptions and Annual Celebration tickets.

"The A-list Burns Club", 'Scottish Daily Mail', 24 Nov., 2009.

Past President Bill Nolan is 2018-19 President of the Robert Burns World Federation and Immediate Past President Annie Small is 2018-20 President of the Ayrshire Association of Burns Clubs.

This website has now served 'Wellwood' and the wider Burns world for over 20 years (launched Jan. 1999)

President Archie Chalmers welcomed a Deputation from The Grand Lodge of Scotland headed by the Grand Master Mason Ramsay McGhee including members of Masonic Lodges from across Scotland to Wellwood on 3rd August. The President, Vice President David Burns and Directors Bobby Haswell and Iain Doole are pictured with the visitors and with Bill Nolan, Hon Secretary of Irvine Burns Club and the President of the Robert Burns World Federation. Our visitors were all suitably impressed.


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The 2003 Annual Celebration as seen through the eyes of Chinese Channel Europe, who came north to film our event, and Ian Duncan, butcher, as a result of our presence on the web.

. . and, in development, a page on Wellwood and the Paterson family ...